Channeling the Grey. Or Gray.

Last year I decided that I had too many thoughts that needed exploring boggling my mind; it was too much to talk about to fit in a single Facebook post, and I really didn’t want to be conversational about it all. So, starting a blog seemed to be the thing I needed to do. I didn’t then, nor do I now, expect to have any followers; therefore, blogging is the emotional release I needed. When I couldn’t come up with a blog-name to save my life, I abandoned the project all together. Typical me (hence the Pinterest addiction). I am the absolute master of starting a project and never finishing it or, ever better, having an endless bucket list of wants, wishes, and to-do’s. In the year that followed my failed blog attempt, I continued to feel uninspired. I started a new job, had our second daughter, was un-able to go back to school due to technical error- which is an entirely new story in itself- and I really just felt grey (gray? what is the difference?). I was tired, very, very, very, tired, uninspired, not depressed or sad, just grey.

About 2 months ago, my husband and I had a real coming to Jesus conversation. Really he was telling me to get of my butt while my obstinate self told him he should kiss it, instead.
He told me to be a wife and mother in all of the traditional senses. He wanted me to cook, clean, craft, and be an all around Mrs. June Cleaver. I couldn’t believe that this man had the audacity to tell me the fix to my greyness was to throw on a string of pearls and whip out my Martha Stewart Living. For the next month I told everyone how completely disconnected he was, told him he was unsupportive, and continued being grey. I prayed about it in the car (the best place to talk to the Lord, in my opinion) and one morning the Lord gave me clarity. He told me to apron up.

For the last month, I have been doing my best to figure out how to manage it all. I get off of work, I pick up the baby from daycare, drive to the preschool to get the toddler, go home, put on my octopus arms, clean, feed, bathe, and dress the girls in PJs all before Daddy gets home. Then I change into comfy clothes, and get to relax while my wonderful husband cooks dinner (I’m just not there yet, sorry).
I know the Working-Mommy-Veterans out there are shrieking an ear piercing “are-you -kidding-me) right now, and I already have a response for you all: I have the utmost respect for your endless energy and Paula Dean genes, and I am SO sorry your husband can’t do you the favor of cooking dinner.
While he cooks, I Pin. Recently, I have started a personal mass Pinterest reorganizing  campaign that is proving to be way more work that I originally anticipated, but that is really besides the point. In fact, my point is this:

I attempted my first Pinterest project today. Something very simple, although it did take me a few tries: A big, fancy, burlap bow for my front door. While I am no pro, I am pretty proud of myself.
The daily cleaning, the child raising, and now the blog and one craft (singular) feels good. Channeling the energy and emotion of my Grey feels amazing. Wish me luck!



Psst… just in case you were wondering what project I am talking about, I will post comparative pictures later. In the mean time, here is the tutorial I used:



Laugh at yourself a little

This is the most honest and insightful first post that I could muster up at 9:30 PM on a Sunday night.

As a full-time working mother to a 2 year old and 9 month old with a husband thrown in the mix, life is all kinds of messy chaos. Thank the Lord for Pinterest; it can make you feel completely inadequate and give you 100 ways to make up for your short-comings all at the same time!

God bless, y’all!